Ressources Humaines, services conseil en entreprise - Montréal

Human resource, management services - Montreal


Coaching in the workplace

A hands-on, personalized approach to coaching aimed at improving the abilities of managers in the workplace and employees relations with their clients.


Consulting in the workplace

Consultation services aimed at helping administrators to better manage their human resources.


Training in the workplace

We have developed a variety of training modules: management-coaching, communication, sales, hosting workshops aimed at developing human resources, and teamwork.

We can also create made-to-measure training sessions.

Montréal : 1236 Étienne Blanchard, Montréal, Qc H2M 2L5 514- 770-8238
France : 19 Rue Maurice Ravel, Montbéliard 25200 France 06 16 89 23 85