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Description of Coaching Sessions

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Examples of Coaching Situations:
ManagementCommunicationSales and Negociation
Face-to-face interviewsPublic SpeakingFace-to-face sales
Employee TrainingConducting a MeetingTelephone sales
Employee CoachingImproving Communication SkillsContract Negociations
Appropriate Levels of Pressure to be Used According to Context: Reminders, Verbal Warnings, Written WarningsLearning to Use and Decode Non-Verbal Communication
DismissalsDealing with Difficult Personalities
How and What to Comment on Satisfactory or Unsatisfactory WorkAddressing Complaints
Evaluating Employees’ ProductivityOral Presentations

How the management coaching sessions unfold:

  • Evaluation, through discussion, of the strong points and those that need improving.
  • Discussion of real incidents in the workplace.
  • Simulation of incidents (real or fictitious) using role-play or learning activity.
  • Observation of real incidents (meeting with employee, etc.)
  • Feedback based on observations.
  • Contribution of theoretical notions, depending on the situation.

An intervention report is submitted to the company for each intervention.

The sessions last from 1.5 hours to three hours.

Video is used in certain situations.

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