Ressources Humaines, services conseil en entreprise - Montréal

Human resource, management services - Montreal

Consulting in the Workplace

1. Climate, communication, and conflict

  • Organizational diagnosis and recommendations: surveys, individual and group interviews, and discussion groups.
  • Analysis of work environment (communication, teamwork)
  • Helping the company to determine and realize their vision and mission.
  • Managing conflicts.
  • Managing performance.
  • Managing difficult employees.
  • Improving communication in the workplace (interdepartmentally).
  • Creation of discussion groups (management committees, etc.).

2. Tools of human resource management

  • Personnel management procedures
  • Creation of task descriptions for all workstations.
  • Creation of qualitative and quantitative observation grids.
  • Elaboration of performance indicators for all departments.
  • Elaboration of salary issues (importance of position, pay scale, etc.)
  • Creation of management manuals to increase efficiency in management of human resources.
  • Creation of integration manual for new employees.
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