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Work Experience:

In his twenty years experience, Alain Boisvert has been a sports trainer; an educator for troubled teens; a business administrator; and finally; director of human resources for a company of more than 1500 employees. Since 1995, he has been intervening as trainer, coach, and consultant for many national and international organizations.

Athletic History:

In tandem with his professional career, Alain Boisvert has spent fifteen years as a top athlete and gymnast. He made his mark in 1979 when he achieved the best high jump performance by a junior in Canada, with a height of seven feet. He was a member of the Canadian junior athletics team from 1978-1979.

Educational Background:

Due to his success in athletics, he was invited to compete and study at two California colleges, where he focussed on physical education and humanities from 1980-1983. Following this, he received his B.A. in business administration, specializing in human resource management, from the University of Quebec in Montreal.

Personal Style:

Listening and communicating are Alain Boisvert’s specialties. During his training and coaching sessions, he displays a high level of dynamism and humor. He is the very picture of health and vigor. His constant thirst for further learning and his extraordinarily dynamic nature have made him a first class facilitator.

Operational Principles:

Alain believes that individuals play a leading role in creating the dynamics in which they are implicated, be it a manager meeting with employees, or employees relating to their clients. The way we treat people is paramount. The first words and gestures used, and the way we exchange will either help or hinder the creation of a favorable context for communication.

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